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Employee On Boarding Is Important

What happens in the first days sets the stage for an employee’s future with the company. Therefore, it is very important that employers do what they can to ensure new employees have an exceptional onboarding experience.

Why is Onboarding so Important?

  • First impressions are big. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. A bad first impression can result in low levels of employee engagement and increase the risk of turnover. How new employees are welcomed to the team, the clarity by which their job role and expectations are communicated, their introduction to the company’s culture, and their exposure and active development of interpersonal connections to their coworkers all play into that crucial first impression.

  • Turnover is not cheap.. It has been found that companies with effective, well thought out onboarding processes have much better retention rates than those that don’t. Better retention means less time and money spent on recruiting additional new hires.

Effective Onboarding Process

  • On Boarding Check List This should be your go-to document to ensure the most important information is communicated and everything is set up in advance and ready to go on the new hire’s first day. It should also account for what needs to happen in the long term. Remember, onboarding is about more than just what happens that first week. Having everything in a checklist format helps ensure nothing will be forgotten on the first day, in the first week or in the first six months. Make sure to add reminders for anything that is due in the future dates. If you have an HR Software even better because you can add it directly to their profile.

  • Automate HR and Payroll. Forgo the messy and disorganized stacks of paper, and instead employ a streamlined online system for payroll, benefits enrollment, and other HR needs. Allowing employees to access their info on their own and from any device helps them get the info they need whenever they need it. In addition, it gives your HR administrator back time in their day to focus on the bigger picture needs of employees.

  • Ensure you are compliant. As the number of labor laws grow staying compliant and protected has gotten trickier. If you have trouble staying up-to-date on the most current state and federal employment regulations, then enlist the help of an expert.

Make sure you make on boarding a priority and spend the extra time. Don’t cut corners! If this has you feeling overwhelmed and you need some help in this area then don’t worry, Edi and Sienna Group can help.

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